Since Sofi Tukker, burst onto the scene I’ve been trying to work them out. While it is obvious, they are quirky, and their presence has rapidly been gaining ground, I’ve felt lost about what their music is, rather than being lost in it. However, the duo’s lyrics are those of positivity and I can very much get behind that. I also can’t deny I don’t know who came first Sofi Tukker or the similarly outlandish, funky Australian band Confidence Man. What I do know is, it’s about to be a boom time for party people as both larger than life acts will imminently have their debut albums out. Sofi Tukker’s “Treehouse” arrives this Friday 13th, true to form it’s making a colourful entrance with their latest slice of outrageousness “Batshit” guiding it in.

A lot the song, vocals and melody reminds me of cheesy pop song “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred, largely owing to Tukker Halpern‘s voice but, let’s just say it’s helped wipe all trace of Taylor Swift‘s rather faux effort “Look What You Made Me Do” from my memory banks. Also in the same way the Scissor Sisters have a special brand of fun and fabulous dance-pop stylings, Sofi Tukker are letting rip and are having plenty of fun and then some, on the bonkers but brilliant groover “Batshit.”

The duo’s Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern can’t seem to contain their need for acting crazy, carefree and running amok, so they’ve taken a trip out to the beach, where they can get as messy and crazy as they like, and party. As full of antics, as you’d expect any beach party gets you might wish to avert your eyes if you’d rather not be fed with camera shots, panning Halpern’s gyrating crotch. There’s no denying Tukker’s hyperactivity he’s got the moves, he’s shaking his tail feather like his neon pants are on fire.

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