There is something quite endearing about Swedish hitmaker and sometimes naked Basshunter. I don’t know what it is and was never a huge fan of techno music to being with, but I guess if the 80’s can come full circle, then early 90’s techno can as well.

Having said that, I was a fan of Basshunter’s huge number one smash “Now You’re Gone” and “Europe’s Most In Demand DJ” has now come back with his second single “All I Ever Wanted” which is making the rounds to all the reviewers and DJ’s as we speak. There is a huge expectation that “All I Ever Wanted” will do just as well with clubbers as “Now You’re Gone” did. I’m sure it will do rather well in the charts and the concept of the music video being an ongoing series is quite cool. Basshunter actually appears in the video this time as the DJ.

However, I refuse to succumb to the trivial gratuitous beats that techno music produces, but I’ll accept the fact that Basshunter is doing the techno genre quite well and I’ll jump around like a crazy motherfucker when “All I Ever Wanted” ignites the dancefloor – especially if it’s the Fonzerelli remix.