In 2010, The Wanted were one of the biggest, emerging boy bands on the planet. After reaping mass success globally, the British/Irish band announced their hiatus in 2014, with the plan very, much being each member would pursue their own endeavours for a while before possibly reuniting. As far as us Brits are aware, we know full well, band member Nathan Sykes reinvented himself with a more soulful edge to his music. Jay McGuiness won Strictly Come Dancing and is now treading the theatrical boards. And, Tom Parker first branched into music production before switching to acting, landing the role of Danny Zuko in a stage production of Grease. To be frank, I lost track of Siva Kaneswaran and Max George, but I understand the former is writing for other artists and turned to, acting also. I must have missed the memo about Max landing a role in Glee, but then I’ve never watched a solitary, episode in my life. As far as I’m concerned, I’m happy to know Max is back to releasing music. He debuts with a summer stomper, “Barcelona“, written and produced alongside Steve Mac and Ed Drewett.

By his own admission, “Barcelona” isn’t a million miles apart from the anthemic pop tracks we enjoyed from The Wanted. With the other band members, veering away from their musical roots which served them well as part of the band. In respect of this debut by Max George, it does feel that we are somehow coming back around, full-circle. “Glad You Came” was always my outright favourite The Wanted song and I like to think, it’s stood the test of time. Let’s put it like this if it paved the way for “Barcelona“, I’m good with that as more importantly I’m really, liking hearing Max’s golden voice again. The worst bit about the new beach themed video is that I can’t stop myself from imagining that Nathan, Jay, Tom and Siva come sailing by on a yacht or the camera will pan over, and we’ll get to see the fab five larking about on the golden sands, as we did back in the bands glorious heyday. More to the point, the track is the start of new music from Max George, fans of old are sure to be delighted, as am I.

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