All of, four months ago, I was expecting to be writing about Dotter because she was attempting to represent Sweden at Eurovision with the firey track “Bulletproof.” Even before the competition got cancelled Dotter’s dreams of appearing at the contest to be held in Rotterdam got cruelly, snatched away from her. She had long been the favourite throughout the Melodifestivalen selection process yet, got pipped at the post by John Lundvik backing group The Mamas. There were a lot of bittersweet feelings shared about the final outcome. But as my mother used to say when I suffered a fall from grace, you got to get back on the horse (that bucked you) as soon as you can. Gracious in her defeat, Dotter is doing just that with “Backfire,” a track about being strong and showing oneself love.

Although “Bulletproof” was undoubtedly an anthem, I didn’t find the track especially, super catchy. Seems as though Dotter and her songwriting team were saving this up for “Backfire” because I feel of the track, the refrains are more hooky and memorable this time around. “Backfire” got into my head the minute I first heard it. (The same cannot be said for “Bulletproof” my appreciation of that one took numerous listens.)

I’ve been trying to work out if the accompanying clip was filmed before the lockdown was enforced. I am undecided. It also seems that some social distance choreography has been implemented for the music video. Although there a couple of scenes where the dancers are visibly seen cosying up to the singer. Given how challenging making a music video has become during the past few months. I really, like this one. The soft ambient lighting effects with the dancers striking neon outfits bring an extra pop of colour to the song. I like the contrast between, sweet and underlying vulnerability peaking through in Dotter’s voice. To the point, where I’ve watched this video over and over for the past fifteen minutes, and I still do not want to tear myself away from it. Mesmerising. Obsession brewing around this track, etc, etc.

Connect with Dotter
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamdotter
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dotter_official
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dotter_official/

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