I see Kelli-Leigh peep up on my timelines all the time. Seeing that she diligently works hard at repping her music releases. Each time that I see her swing into action online. I feel a little empowered by her. Because of the determination, conviction and dedication to doing what she does to get her music both seen and heard. Emerging artists would do well to pay some attention to Kelli-Leigh. As an independent artist herself, she knows her way around the music business, and newbies will undoubtedly learn a lot about navigating it from following her.

Praising her music promotion skills was not the only reason I chose to write about Kelli-Leigh today. I am really enjoying her latest track, “Back“, and wanted to ensure the EQ Music Blog readers have this stellar release on their radars.

Kelli-Leigh really does excel in upbeat dance-pop crossover tracks. As her summer schedule includes gigs and festival performances, she has released “Back” at a perfect time. Gig goers will want the kind of tracks they can sing along with and jump up and down to. The catchy melodic style of “Back” along with the authentic, heartfelt lyrics written about attachment and working on our connections with the special people in our lives. Is ripe for crowd involvement like this.

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This summer, she played Ibiza Rocks and has one more gig lined up playing Sant Antoni De Portmany, Spain for September 12th. Additionally, she will also perform at Manchester and Cardiff Pride events in the coming weeks.

Having become obsessed with her new track, since its release. One thing I feel assured of is, when Kelli-Leigh jumps up on stage her versatility is on-point, she will bring the dancefloor out of the club and into an outdoor festival setting with ease.

When watching the new music video which just came out, we would do well to remember Kelli-Leigh doesn’t have label backing. Especially since the clip appears well filmed and edited. Looking at it seems to have had a reasonable budget. I particularly like the cute picture postcard vibe of the clip that lends well to the summer vibe heard in the song.

Kelli-Leigh is a singer who deserves more for her musical efforts, for sure. Rightly so, justice was served when “Back” earned its first day time airplay on Radio One over the weekend.

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