Echocell 3

My introduction to the L.A based synth pop duo of Echocell came to me under the guise of a remix for their track “Babylon”, whilst considering that it fell into the “not too bad” category, I felt a curiousness stir within to go seek out what originally lay under those additional layers of production.

Well I’m glad my investigative instinct kicked in, as in doing so a pristine synth gem has been unearthed.

Echocell formed of front woman Belinda Kazanci and musical technology brains Adam Beltran create sonic electronica laced with a resonance of Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sia and Goldfrapp sharing a Turkish coffee, states their band biography – which I’m not at any odds to disagree with being that it pretty much accurately sums it up.

The compelling darkwave nature of “Babylon” the title track of Echocell’s recently released EP is spun out with an exotically mystic charm, transcending a sweeping synth arrangement whilst, bestowing an intoxicating nu-wave aura.

Resplendently portrayed by Belinda through an evocatively organic, spiritual visual. “Babylon” guides Echocell suitably into a growing realm of esoteric intense creativity showing a knowledgeable awareness of formulating spellbinding musical alchemy.

Babylon” is available for FREE via bandcamp whilst the complete “Babylon EP” is accessible from itunes.