If you thought “Elysium” was a bit of snooze when it comes to the works of Pet Shop Boys, then buckle your seat belts because their new video “Axis” is completely the opposite.

“Axis” is the first single from the new PSB album “Electric” which is due out on July 15th and is already available for pre-order. The album is produced by none other than Stuart Price and having heard this news, you can pretty much bet that the first listen will be nothing short of EPIC. Anything Stuart touches pretty much just turns to gold and I personally can’t wait to get my hot little hands on this new album.

Pet Shop Boys are headlining Sonar Festival here in Barcelona along with Kraftwerk this summer and if “Axis” is just a visual taster of what’s to come, we thinks that the live show will pretty much blow us away.

Get your glowsticks out and make sure the HD is turned on, “Axis” will make you rave wherever you are…