Carmichael 3

Whilst we are all digesting and the critics are in a frenzy of deliberating Lady Gaga’s swinefest introduction of ARTPOP that was teased before us via the opening of the Itunes Festival earlier this week – and as mother monster herself explained, she is standing outside of the box, with designs on pretty much treading into as many genres as takes her pleasure, in her bid to be freely creative.

I would like to think that mother Gaga would be approving of inspiring the work of another burgeoning pop auteur, with a creative streak.

From Melbourne, Australia, emerging artist Carmichael has featured on the pages of EQ before, with his arresting insight of imposing mashable mastery upon Calvin Harris and Phil Collins tracks that when bound together in Carmichael’s down tempo dark pop presence pulled in a spell bindingly unique performance.

Carmichael’s incomparable pool of ideas has turned focus onto Lady Gaga’s current ARTPOP release of “Applause” and it really is quite the something to note, as Carmichael demonstrates his artistry through an alternatively melancholy darkened viewpoint. A shadowy interpretation of “Applause” becomes entwined with Carmichael original track “Girl” and is fed off in inspiration to Andy Warhol and David Bowie.

The result is a sumptuously seductive triumph that is definiatively demonstrative in Carmichael’s ingeniously talented capabilities.

If there’s an artist that’s passed through my inbox lately that’s deserving of the big break as it were, to my mind Carmichael is it! This is nothing but magnificent.