It’s here! Lady Gaga has premiered the anticipated, and extremely colorful, music video promoting her new single, “Applause“. Ignoring the drama currently surrounding the singer and her new track, the video proves Gaga is on top of what she’s known for doing, creating iconic visuals to go along with her upbeat, catchy pop tunes!

Applause” was described as a true pop music video by Gaga and it is now clear as to why. The visual is an array of inspirations mashed into one spectacle. It is a fight between color and black & white, with some hand-draw pieces thrown in for good measure. It is a mixture of art references from different genres and eras. In the short, three and a half minute video, short in Gaga standards, the artist packs in so much but somehow it all seems to work in order to let fans know that she has been craving their applause since her time away from the spotlight.

The color, the fashion, the facial expressions, the message, is all there in hopes of adding another layer to the “Applause” and upcoming ARTPOP era. The whole things builds up to an intricate dance routine that would impress anyone. No signs of a broken hip here. Never to do the same thing twice, or fall in with the current trends, Gaga has created a music video that could be regarded as one of her best in the near future, sitting nicely besides “Bad Romance” and “Marry The Night“.

The video will surely help boost sales numbers, but lets take it for what it is right now: the return of a pop icon to the screen, where she belongs. One thing is certain though… Gaga was not kidding when she said she wasn’t just an icon, she’s every icon! Glad to have you back Mama!