Well this has taken its time to surface, because for much of the year, the chill pop vibes of sassy Costa Rican MishCatt have been gathering buzz picked up by Spotify playlists.

We haven’t been ones to be oblivious to this, since the Patterns band vocalist “Highlighter” EP solo effort is one full of nu-disco intentions and future pop fulfillment, not to mention super hot electronic pop by way of a pulsating collection of seven synthmazing tunes, that we’ve been filling our heads with on the regular.

So the one quick minute our eyeball wanders off the page, MischCatt only went and released this beast of tasty electronic pop proportions to the masses, and that she did care to do so, we are quite relieved in all truth, to be knowing.

We would have been by far happier to be talking about the magnificent track “Gun To The Head” as it is unquestionably the standout, our favourite and some way emulates the fuzzy super beats that defined the sound of Brazilian outfit CSS and their new-wave smash hit “Music Is My Hot Hot Sex”, which to this day remains unabashed and fiery of fierceness. Instead MishCatt has plumped to go with EP lead track “Another Dimension” and that’s just fine, as it’s fit to bursting with effervescent melody recalled of sheer disco deelites. The whole “Highlighter” EP is produced by Pontus Winnberg of Miike Snow, so there is that bit extra going for it, but we have to say it’s pretty impressive even if it were foregoing this. As we have already mentioned it has secretly been one of our guilty pleasures for a long time. You should check it out if you appreciate electronic pop that is feisty and high voltage of electro-rock feels.

Meanwhile, in “Another (MishCatt) Dimension” though Michelle Gonzalez languishes in a stop-motion curated visual hyper space, where she’s clearly in her element cutting shapes of a disco bop kind.