It has been a good week for bands who first appeared in the 80s. What with synth-pop legends Erasure out with a new EP and music video. And pop icons Duran Duran getting the celebrations started early, commemorating their 40th Anniversary as a band.

I am so happy the band are still going strong. I have listened to their music throughout my life because they have written a song for every occasion imaginable. Thankfully, as well as being consummate musicians, their style has never wavered. When John Taylor picks out one of his infamous bass lines. Nick Rhodes adds, flourish with a synthesizer riff, and Simon Le Bon, with his distinctive voice, does his rock star turn, bit. There is no mistaking the sound is pure Duran Duran. The band’s 15th studio album “Future Past” arrives Friday 22nd October. Ahead of the release. They have unleashed the track “Anniversary” and an instantly iconic music video.

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Duran Duran definitely had some fun with the making of “Anniversary“. The video, directed by BAFTA-winning artist, photographer and filmmaker, Alison Jackson. Sees the band hold a star-studded party. Where dignitaries, the coolest celebrities from the entertainment realm are the chosen few, with a hot ticket to the event.

Oh, so it’s basically a good old knees-up, I hear you say. Very nice, but not such an original, concept is it?. (Strong visual concepts always being a fundamental part of the band’s signature brand). All is not what it seems. Inspect the video closer. You’ll notice most of these celebrities are not real, nor genuine. They are lookalikes and actors. I mean, I am sure Duran Duran has made a tidy sum of money between them, but not perhaps on the scale of Elton John. You will have fun (fake) celeb-spotting nonetheless. One of my favourite bits is when each of the Duran boys comes face to face with their younger selves. Yeah, that is a moment!

Aside from the amusing music video. Fans of the band from their 80s beginnings will be in nostalgic love with the track “Anniversary“. With John Taylor saying… “It was also fun to build a track with hints of previous Duran hits, they’re like Easter eggs, for the fans to find.”

I got nods to the “Duran Duran” “Rio” and “Seven and the Ragged Tiger” albums. They were easy to spot. Well done, chaps. They sure know how to get me reaching for the play button again and again. So why don’t you give it a try also? Press play, join in the game and see what or who you find. A pleasant way to chill out on your tea break instead of scrolling through social media.

Additionally, on October 21 at NOON PT/3PM ET (8PM UK), a special livestream event via Dreamstage will include an exclusive, live Q&A with the band and former Billboard editor and beloved radio host, Larry Flick, as they reveal untold stories about their time together. They will be joined by Alison Jackson for the global premiere of ‘Double Take’ – a half-hour documentary film by award-winning director, Gerry Fox and Una Burnand.

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