One of my favorite “just under the radar” artists is New York’s – Angela.

I think what she does is totally fresh and original and just yesterday she released a small taster video to her song “Pressing Bodies” which I love in that Madonna “Human Nature” sorta way.  Anjela also reminds me a little bit of Jennifer Lopez (in her early days) and M.I.A. sorta blended together.  You quite simply have to be a fan of hers. 

If you haven’t picked up her EP “The Tasting Menu” yet on iTunes or CDBaby, you really should – it’s one of my favorite hot picks for this year.  Angela’s song “I Wanna Dance” was on the EQ chart for over 2 months and it recently got picked up by DMX who is playing the song across the US in various “Wet Seal” stores. 

Download Angela’s “The Tasting Menu” right now on Anjela - The Tasting Menu – you won’t regret it.