After satisfying devoted fans with a return to their roots with “Yesterday” and the hip-hop geared “Sugar”, the talented Karmin are proud to present the third single off their upcoming sophomore record, Leo Rising. The stripped back, acoustic-sounding “Along The Road” screams indie pop, the sound that originally garnered the duo massive attention in the first place. It’s original. It’s heartfelt. It’s pure Karmin.

The new single may not be as instantly catchy or radio-friendly as some of their past efforts, but the song will definitely form a connection between artist and listener as the duo sings of the bittersweet events that occur throughout life. The departing of loved ones. The breaking of meaningful relationships.

“And although this is the end, broken hearts are made to mend, and I know we’ll meet again, along the road,” lead singer Amy Heidemann croons on the soulful, mid-tempo single. It’s a vocal performance that deserves and commands attention from the second it begins.

Along The Road” will resonate with fans and should find a wider audience, anyone who longs for the return of their youth will be able to relate to Karmin‘s meaningful words and the solid vocal performance of Hiedemann. While their previous tracks have relied of slick, loud dance/pop beats, Nick Noonan provides simple, guitar-driven production that highlights the pitch perfect performance.

To coincide with the single release of “Along The Road“, Karmin have also recently shared the accompanying music video. There’s no distracting choreography. No unnecessary storyline. Just the duo belting the notes of the song with a stunning, colorful sunset backdrop made up of numerous pairs of shoes placed elegantly behind them. It’s nothing mind blowing, but succeeds in not taking away from the touching songwriting and fragile vocals of the reincarnated pop group.