I’m of the thinking that we must actually be somewhere near having half an albums worth of material from Avec Sans readily available for our playlists already, I’m not anyway opposed to having some more of it as soon as they like, since Alice and Jack have had us EQ’s as fans for at least a year or two back now.

During this time, Avec Sans have become known to us as one of the most endearing electronic duos out there, with Jack giving a lightest touch to their pristine synth compositions which are vocally conveyed with an elegant nuance of ethereal subtlety by Alice. And is seen to be a winning combination that continues to pays dividends each time out.

It is especially a pleasure to see the duo now step up their game on the visual content of their packages also.

Readied for our listening and visual pleasure Avec Sans bring out another infectiously shiny, glitter encrusted, synth pop sparkling masterpiece in the form of new single “All Of Time”.

All the hooks are there, as are all the instantly recognizable signature flair that goes into every Avec Sans release which makes it one simply divine slice of saccharine sprinkled electronica.

Who knows but if things carry on with this growing strength of character and credibility, in a year or so we might be seeing Alice’s distinctive trademark blonde bob in the same revered light as we see Sia’s!

In the meantime, we can marvel at Alice’s bobbed do’ in all it’s chin length glory as much as we care too in the video below.