Icona Pop have dug a little deep into their 90s bitch days to pay homage to the iconic era of ballroom vogueing in their latest video for “All Night”. If you ever were a fan of the movie “Paris Is Burning” or have yourself partaken in NYC underground vogueing scene before Madonna turned it into massively commercial pop song, then you’ll get a right kick out of Icona Pop’s latest music video.

Quite honestly, it’s nice to see this era of dance not forgotten and glad to know that the Ballroom scene still exists. Even Jose of Jose and Luis/Madonna dancer fame is still high-kickin it today and has been deemed “Father Jose”, serving as an inspiration to those offbeats who find solace in the glitz and glam of the underground nightlife.

Watch as the House of Sparkle and the House of Spirit vogue and werk their way into ballroom greatness with “All Night” by Icona Pop delivering a well-thought-out music video and a storyline that will capture the interest of both young and old alike.

NO TWERKING HERE. This is classy.

If you’re like me, you’ll already have “This Is Icona Pop” already on pre-order when it drops in two weeks.

Link: EQ Music Blog interviews Icona Pop