Ok, it took until almost summer time but the pop explosion we were waiting on pins and needles for has finally arrived!

On July 15th, the extremely fun pop extraordinaire Bright Light Bright Light will be releasing his third album entitled Choreography. If the title is a big give away to anything we can expect from the new album, then we might have to get ready to dance here. Starting off the potential dance fest, Bright Light Bright Light has dropped the video to the first single off the album ‘All in The Name’ featuring Elton John.

The vintage inspired pop tune ‘All in The Name’ is purely a classic in the making. An uplifting horn section just like something you would have heard in the heyday of the 80’s, met with similar era-inspired guitar riffs bring nothing more than positive feelings up and down your spine. The song really highlights the uplifting emotions of being loved.

Sometimes you don’t need all the fancy camera shots to make an amazing video. Just check out “All in The Name” and you’ll see what I mean.

In case you missed it, Bright Light Bright Light performed ‘All in The Name’ with EQ Music’svery own Francine on backing vocals during Graham Norton last week. Check it out!