Guess who has released a made in, lockdown music video, for their fabulous new track “All for Himself” and in doing so has outdone everyone else? Would it surprise you if I said it is the wonderfully outlandish, and fiery singer-songwriter Regulus Red? While I must admit, Jessie Ware came in close, putting out a great fan featured clip (which also stars Strictly Coming Dancing champions Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton) for her current disco hit “Save A Kiss” last week. Although personally, I don’t find it nearly as stunningly, gorgeous as the fan assisted, visual Regulus Red has now released in support of his own latest, glittering dance-pop track.

In recognition of his boldest dance-pop creation yet, and prior to the release of the track “All for Himself.” Regulus opened up the trend #artinlockdown online, inviting fans to connect and let their creative dance moves flow while interpreting the lyrics of the song. I must say this of the singer’s fans, they rose to the challenge and are every bit as eclectic, diverse and stylish as I hoped they would be. As for Red, he vibes with androgyny (which I am loving!) and oozes fabulosity by just being his usual authentic self. It is so nice to see him reveal more of his authenticity, with each new reveal of his music videos.

Bringing some insight into the track Regulus informs. “It’s a very personal song about anger, confrontation, and ultimately release.”

Additionally adding over social media.
“If you’ve ever felt abandoned or ignored by someone you truly thought you loved, this track will make you dance and make your heart beat fast and hopefully release you too!”

The visual interpretation really is a punch in the air for freedom, a liberation dance. I feel like, first through the videos for “Ghoster” and”High Price” we’ve seen a metamorphosis happen before our eyes “All for Himself” is where we see the beautiful butterfly emerge. I’m now hoping during the remainder of the year we’ll be treated to yet more sightings of the colourful, one of a kind Regulus Red.

Connect with Regulus Red
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/regulus.red
Twitter: https://twitter.com/regulus_red
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/regulus.red/

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