Home to the likes of Beiber, Drake, Fefe Dobson and more, Toronto births another promising young talent in the form of singer-songwriter Rachael Bawn. The Canadian songstress continues to showcase the talent coming from the Maple Leaf city with her pop-infused new single “Alive.” The track, off her debut album Chasing Lights, challenges listeners to think about the kind of person they want to be and the impact they want to make in the world. Along with the positive message, Bawn’s sky-scraping vocals and soaring melodies truly shine through.

“I’m excited for fans to hear the new single,” says Rachael. “The story I want to convey through the lyrics, and the video, is about choosing to be positive, fearless, and realizing what really matters in life. The video really shows my journey – from dreaming about being on the big stage, to actually doing it. I’m working to make my dream come true and make the most out of life.”

Despite having her own struggles on her way to the top, Bawn’s new single, and album as a whole, helps promote families and positive messaging, with an emphasis on empowering young women. Instead of creating the everyday girl-meets-boy power ballad, Bawn’s songs target more relatable issues including falling short of a goal but always powering through to the struggles young girls go through and the power of friendship to help them get through.

“The ‘Alive’ video is really about the journey of chasing a lifelong dream. It’s about the persistence, perseverance and passion it takes to walk down a road full of disappointment and heartbreak,” Rachael continues. “Experiencing the successes is worth the risk and difficulties though when each step leads to the next great adventure. ‘Alive’ is truly an introduction to my journey.”

In addition, to being a singer-songwriter, Bawn has also partnered with groups such as World Vision, a humanitarian organization that helps families with issues such as poverty and injustice. Her mission is to help engage youth to care deeply about their world and join her in the fight against child exploitation, all while making great music.

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