Antipodean dreamy dance pop makers Empire Of The Sun pull on their empyrean robes once more to introduce their newest video epic accompanying the lusciously idyllic debut track “Alive”, from their forthcoming sophomore album “Ice On The Dune”.

Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore front their fantasy created world of mystical innovation by seeking out an adventurous trek across the sand scorched primal landscape of a utopian civilization that has become suspended under a sleeping spell.

One by one, Steele and Littlemore as Pnau and Sleepy Jackson, exercise their magical powers to awaken the sleeping beauty – creature hybrids of the ensuing new EOTS made fable.

A super glossy hi-res world of visually spectacular fantasy creation that lies somewhere between a travelogue of Narnia and the Lion King, spawned from a distant land of Disney dreaming and unearthed by the Sun Emperor, in a larger than life scaled vision.

Alive” is now available for instant downloading through itunes when pre-ordering “Ice On The Dune”.