The stellar pop collaboration between Grammy nominated producer / DJ Dave Audé and Erasure’s Andy Bell recently spawned it’s first release drop with the analog x digital fed retro charged “Aftermath (Here We Go)

Not buckling under in it’s evocatively 80’s synth bathed aura, the effervescent cut has now received some black and white visual attention whereby, the promo clip heavily featuring Andy Bell jigging some dance moves flickers into life through use of ye olde motion picture projector – called a zoetrope and further features a number of similarly nostalgically spinning visual FX to cement upon it’s yesteryear vintage atmosphere.

Don’t expect this track to go away anytime soon, as up to join it imminently will be a full package of remixes from Denzal Park, Ralphi Rosario and Ikon.

Also, in case you missed our previous EQ feature with regard to this collaboration and track release, you might wish to play catch-up upon it and check over our brief Q & A style tête à tête with Dave and Andy who gave us some background insight into their collaborative project.

The single & edits are available now

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