Karmin 3

I’ve noted that Boston acoustic pop duo Karmin have been bubbling up for a while now, yet in the regular daily slew of submissions they have kinda got slurried away.

Not this time. This tune out Karmin rally to the top of the pop radar with a spunky off-kilter stanza of sassy intensity named out as “Acapella”.

Maybe its vocalist Amy’s change of image that’s made me throw some light Karmin’s way, if truth be told I’m not sure that she stood out to me as a brunette.

Anyways Karmin’s super smart, hook endowed earworm “Acapella” is dropping it big time in my approval, between Amy Heidemann’s high-powered rap retorts and Nick Noonan’s bombastic bassline responses.

It’s bold and unashamedly whack, yet “Acapella” is the right side of crazy, in it’s gloriously flamboyant poptastic driven melody.