I didn’t write about the most recent KEiiNO track when it dropped at the beginning of December. I felt it a better idea that I wait till New Year to celebrate the release instead. The title of the song “A New Beginning” had me feeling this way inclined, I guess.

Despite not knowing beforehand, I sensed, nonetheless, KEiiNO might release a video around New Year. Luckily for me, my hunch has paid off. They did indeed debut the video for the track over the New Year.

For “A New Beginning“, the Nordic pop trio have linked up with the emerging Norwegian artist and songwriter Peder Elias. PwC in Norway invited 12 acts to collaborate with a less established artist to write and record a song. KEiiNO was one of them. The band selected 24-year-old Elias from Trondheim from a list of potential candidates to collaborate with.

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KEiiNO’s decision with Elias has worked out great. As lead vocalists on the track. KEiiNO’s Alexandra and Peder work together effectively. Although almost too well, that I forgot I was listening to a KEiiNO track. I was left waiting for Fred’s signature Sami rap bit to arrive. Yet glad it was able to get squeezed in towards the end of the song because, without it, it just wouldn’t be a KEiiNO track.

The video directed by Alexander Zarate Frezfor the track focuses on the lead vocalists as they negate being bold and stepping into the unknown, taking cues from the song narrative. They sing. “A new beginning, I’m in tears (in tears). ‘Cause I know I need to go it alone, just ride on my own. I’ve been waiting for tonight. And tonight, I wanna start something new. A new beginning.”

In the footage from the music video, we see the lone figure of Alexandra at a bus stop with only her suitcase for company. Peder is out in his car, taking a drive. As I think of all the possibilities, how this video could have ended. I feel somewhat deflated they chose to go with the safe option. There were some near slips the band swerved on this release for sure, but KEiiNO redeemed themselves in the end. The star of this show is definitely the use of neon light effects captured in the footage, though. Might, these be replicating the aurora borealis (The Northern Lights)?… If so, I feel it.

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