She maybe best known as the product of the Disney brand foremost, however Hayley Kiyoko the “Lemonade Mouth” and “Wizards Of Waverly Place” actress is fulfilling her aspirations to branch out into the music scene.

Although, it’s a scenario that we have witnessed over and over; actor / actress turns singer, songwriter, musician – in this case it transforms that debut offering “A Belle To Remember” is on the face of it rather cutely fashioned and moreover balanced of quirky nature.

It would have been so easy for Hayley to have placed herself into the formulated pop engine like every other Disney pop princess that passes through its ranks and goes on to establish themselves within the crowded sparkly dance pop genre, so it’s a refreshing move by Hayley that she’s sought to niche herself left-of-the-field from the off.

A Belle To Remember Belle” serves up a combination of accentuated and jabbing percussion that punches out a rhythmically chugging soundscape and forms together with Hayley’s indie eclectic styled vocals and whimsically driven vision of pop.