Sergey Lazarev

Get the chorus of whoops going EQ’s!

How’s about this then as cause for a celebration! An English version of lazer boy Sergey Lazarev track “7 Wonders” has been given a release together with a big budget video in presentation of it, no less!

Don’t mind us, as we give in to our usual fan boy / girl unecessariness as our favourite hero of Eastern European pop comes smouldering into our eye-line bringing the full gutsy weight of this pop/rock anthem in visual format, whereby Sergey references his love interest as the 8th wonder of the world.

WOW has your heart just skipped a beat like our’s did? Whilst, we don’t wish to spoil, expect more of it come, as the overload of special FX takes hold on this one, bringing together all the 7 Wonders of the World landmarks at Sergey’s feet, whilst in virtual time his 8th wonder girl jets in for a meet up.

Sounds just like another nicely played out boy gets the girl concept doesn’t it! Press play and your heart will likely momentarily pause to make you think again!