Callia Bara

Multi-dimensionally creative, artistic vixen Callia Bara holds the aces on so many forms of artistic expression to which there’s an infinite wisdom and naturally given talent on display.

As an all-encompassing, gifted player, Montreal based Callia delivers a stunning debut release entwined in a visually concepted cocktail for her introductory piece “54”.

Concentrating upon a sultry and mesmerisingly pulsating rhythm “54” garners pace as an insatiably addictive pop moment spun by it’s playfully receptive nature and alluring narratives.

Furthermore, the introductory piece “54” fittingly serves purpose as an intriguing and beguiling inaugural soundbyte to Callia’s freshly released self titled EP, that un-dauntingly showcases a comprehensively panoramic spectrum of styles and innovation, delivered in expansively melodramatic sonic hues.

We feel Callia is one clued-up cookie, with beauty and brains combined, heading towards the dizzier heights of notability with an encouraging repertoire of pop savvy golden melodies to razzle dazzle the performance art sector and beyond.