You may have noticed I haven’t written about French singer-songwriter and producer Christine and the Queens before. Although, I am sure you’ll be very, much aware of the singer’s project, owing to the massive hit “Tilted.” I hold up my hands and say this, I was wrong not to back her breakout hit. At the time, I didn’t want to appear as I was merely jumping on the bandwagon, its a decision which I’ve since lived day by day in regret, at my lack of better judgement. The arrival of the bands sophomore album “Chris” and latest release “5 dollars” gives me the opportunity to put right the huge oversight which has continued to hang over me.

5 dollars” is the third track to be lifted off the upcoming album. Although I have immensely, enjoyed the singles “Girlfriend,” and “Doesn’t Matter” which have headed up this promotional campaign. It is the current single which draws me in the most. “5 dollars” is my preference, because it is stronger, lyrically. And the supporting music video dramatically differs from Christine and the Queens usual visual theme choice, which are adopted by expressive dance sequences.

A storyboard evolves like never before seen in a Christine and the Queens music video. Described as “American Gigolo with a twist,” we see Christine preparing to go out, witness her wash and brush-up routine before observing her picking out an outfit to wear. Her closet is an interesting one. There are, no glamorous gowns to be seen. However, there are two fully stocked rails, one draped in suits, the other displays an array of bondage apparel. There are choices to be made, but I’ll let you find out for yourselves which attire Christine decides deserving to see the light of day.

More about the track, “The song is so tender, so dishevelled,” explains Christine. “It’s dealing with some kind of love – the kind you can buy. It’s a literal interpretation. A note for a shag – how surprisingly soothing this can be! The power ratio runs clear, like water in your hands; it becomes a pure gesture of love, of ultimate consent.” The intimate track is without doubt Christine and the Queens most, important, release to date. In a music sense, it encapsulates a certain essence of Muna’s pop style, while visually speaking this music video makes statements much the same way as J D Samson and MEN would.

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