You might find this hard to believe, but I have never played a videogame, in my life. By the same token, I know this is a favoured pastime among Gen Z. Similarly, I also know electronic music features greatly in video game soundtracks and playlists. And that the combination is an alluring prospect for many gamers and electro-pop acts alike. Therefore, the likelihood of crossovers between both mediums, where music videos seek inspiration from video games is highly probable. Most recently, fantasy pop artist Boy Blu and electro-pop artist Gregory Dillon teamed up for the track “2 Deadly.” And in so doing have brought both worlds, video and EDM together in a furious hit of fantasy meets pulsating beats.

The Gregory Dillon-produced track uses a 2010 underground tech house style that meets the adrenaline-fueled sounds of a modern Mortal Kombat. By that, you could say that Gregory and Boy Blu are going out of their way to become fully immersed in the video game aesthetic.

When putting their spin on these genres. Team Gregory and, team Boy Blu go all in, activating cyber-punk mode in the split second it takes to conjure up a karate kick. Not only does “2 Deadly” deem itself a suitable name for a video game. Also it lends itself well to the description of killer beatmaking.

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Commenting on “2 Deadly,” Boy Blu says…
“The inspiration for this song also comes from my personal insecurities; I envisioned it as a way to transform myself. To build confidence and present a more empowered version of me to the world. It’s about feeling incredibly sexy and just “2 Deadly.”

With a noted passion for video gaming. It is not, therefore, inconceivable that Boy Blu would have dreamed about the notion of being fully immersed in a video game. So much so, that he intrinsically becomes part of the experience via a music video in a clip Directed by Zack Stauffer. Furthermore, the video’s futuristic and imaginative vibe adds to “2 Deadly’s” electrifying soundscape and visual experience as it embodies the themes of vengeance, style and drama.

You know, so many times I’ve heard the music of Gregory Dillon referred to as permeating a cyberpunk synth-pop style. And yet, I have never felt that he exists in this realm. Until now pairing up with Boy Blu, on “2 Deadly” they unequivocally wholly encapsulate the aesthetic. Wham! Bam! Thank you Boy Blu. Thank you Gregory Dillon.

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