Are you familiar with the latest Sergey Lazarev release, “Вкус Малины“? The title is quite the intriguing one, as it translates to ‘taste of raspberries’ in English. It’s a unique choice for a song title, don’t you think? Sergey has been teasing this new track on social media for weeks, and it’s fascinating, if not interesting seeing him posing in front of a backdrop of ruby-red raspberries. It’s hard a hard one to figure out what it all means for sure. Therefore, I hoped the music video would help solving this mystery.

I am sharing “Вкус Малины” on the blog today because the Konstantin Cherepkov directed video clip I was waiting for came out yesterday. Yet twenty-four hours and numerous watches later, I still remain somewhat perplexed by the Raspberry reference. To begin with, the concept of the epic video is not particularly obvious. We see two people involved in a relationship and also come to realise they are not together in the same place. In fact, it took me some time to work out that this love story takes place in the digital world.

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When the theme truly comes to light, we are left wondering if this couple has ever met in real life. While doing my best to describe the video and not give too much away. I am not really spoiling anything by sharing that you should make sure to watch the clip to the very end.

I feel no need in this instance to describe the musical content of this song. Sergey’s signature electro-pop style doesn’t alter significantly, neither do his unblemished vocals. The track acts as the second single from the Russian pop sensation’s upcoming album. The precise date is being kept under wraps for now, but we do know Sergey’s upcoming body of work is scheduled for release in the Autumn.

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