A video has been released in support of the recent track, “Ароматом” by Russian electro-pop heartthrob Sergey Lazarev. I wrote about the song on the blog upon its release in May, commenting, “The superstar singer seems to be perfectly content singing in only Russian at the moment”. Mainly since he has not really served us English spoken tracks since he last appeared at Eurovision with “Scream” in 2019. “Ароматом” which translates as “Perfume” is an epic electro-pop release that now has an epic, blockbuster styled music video to match.

So as not to add any further confusion to his English speaking fans, a statement by the singer was left on YouTube, clarifying the meaning behind it. It reads…

“When love becomes a confrontation, it is no longer love. And not about love. We could have avoided many regrets if we had learned to stop in time, think it through, keep silent. Sometimes words spoken in anger hurt more than bullets. They sink deep into your heart and stay there forever…” – Sergey Lazarev

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The stunning footage directed by Stanislav Morozov portrays two lovers played by Sergey Lazarev and the actress Irina Kobzeva embroiled in a heated exchange. Far more than a lovers tiff. They are seen intensely sparring with one another. They have every intent to hurt the other badly. Their chosen weapon of choice… words. Instead of lighting up a video with a projection of hurtful words. Director Stanislav Morozov brings out the posh cars and pyrotechnics. It makes for more of a powerful sense of the dramatic. Escalating the intense strength building up like a fortress around the traumatic situation between the two feisty former lovers.

In true blockbuster movie fashion, the clip is stamped with an 18+ certification. But there is good news for Sergey’s English speaking fans. The clip comes with subtitles dubbed in English.

In this couple, who will come out on top? Will Sergey dodge all the bullets the femme fatale directs at him or vice versa? So many questions… watch the video to discover the answers. And, of course, take in every hot beat of this electronic-pop masterpiece while you do so.

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