Earlier this year I presented the sweet sound of London Grammar, an emerging trio from the UK’s popular city of London. After falling in love with “Metal & Dust” I knew these guys were worth following. Continuing with their streak of breathtaking melodic tunes, the band has returned with a solid new single they call, “Wasting My Young Years.” Like their previous release, the track slowly guides us through a magnificent vocal performance by Hannah Reid who will certainly become a household name as this year continues.

When listening to “Wasting My Young Years,” I am instantly mesmerized by the passion that Hannah Reid’s voice brings. While she is no Etta James or Billie Holiday, her voice certainly holds a kind of emotion like timeless jazz and blues singers. Not many popular singers today can share an honest story
with grace and vocal power as Hannah Reid has proven this year. I am eagerly waiting a full length release.

If you’re a fan of Florence and The Machine or Active Child, you’ll find that London Grammar will fit perfectly into your music library. However, before you start comparing listen closely and grasp the special sound that only London Grammar can create.