Tiesto Koma

Chances are these days that we’ll find Matthew Koma’s pop suited vocals presented side by side upon an EDM centric track, the lad has already just recently anchored down a powerhouse fierce track with production heavyweight Zedd and vocalist Miriam Bryant on “Find You”.

Not taking a breath even from the Divergent film soundtrack accolade endorsed on “Find YouMatthew wastes no time in raising another track into the limelight, this time assisting yet another top flight, mega DJ name in the one and only dance/ trance Dutch global export Tiesto.

Teamed together on “Wasted”, see’s the pair serve up a memorably saucy summer sizzling anthem dressed with sassily frank lyrics of getting tipsy and shedding clothing items. Cuz when all is said and done there isn’t no time for talking the talk when there’s a pile of laundry to be sorting through, and yeah it’s a bit of a boring task to be doing anyways, so why not give it a happier edge with a snifter of a mid morning cocktail to see it along with. Well that’s how my domestic goddess head is making sense of it. My minxy mischevious pop mind is directing me somewhere altogether different with this though.

Oh what can it all mean! Let’s see if the lovely ladies in the lyric video can offer us any clarity with some visual clues, that might include candy, astronauts, rabbits and tiger heads.