Emerging Spanish EDM DJ Danny Avila certainly knows how to make things go BOOM diddy BOOM!

It’s also easy to see why he’s being crowned the latest IT boy of the genre, Danny’s stellar commandeering of the decks and booth put him right up there in the circles of greatness through his high impacting lively compositions and electrifyingly imposing live sets that are currently taking him the world over.

The latest big beat composition to brew up a storm comes in the powerhouse form of “Voltage”. Thrills, spills and a slapped around bassline abound as Danny works his skills on a riotous mix of prolific EDM that leaves a smoking hot trail of fierce in it’s wake through the insight of the preview that we’ve been given.

Amped up to the max and galvanized with frenetic energy “Voltage” is a wake up call to the dancefloor that invigoratingly emits craft and talent at a world class level.

Whilst we wait for “Voltage” to drop, download his last single “Breaking Your Fall” on iTunes.