You know, everyday I've been patiently awaiting Timati and Sergey's new video to drop for "Lazerboy" and I almost missed this little gem in the way of "Perfect Criminal" by Vlad Topalov.

For those of you who don't know, Vlad used to be in a Russian boyband with Sergey called Smash! – yes with the exclamation point and all.  They were massively successful in their country.  But the boys grew up and went their separate ways.  Sergey went onto to be even more successful and I don't know what happened to Vlad.  But I do know that this song and video kinda makes me want to pack my bags and head on over to a Russian disco pronto.  I just LOVE all the good electropop music coming out of Russia at the moment.  

So in taking a look at the video, it looks like a mini-horror movie doesn't it?  Taking visual slices right outta Saw, Hostel and even a little Deathproof thrown in for sexiness.  I only have one criticism – what's with the yellow and grey cardigan?  Perhaps prison inmates are allowed trips to Topshop every so often. I jest Vlad – you look lovely.