Canadian Vivek Shraya has created a fine piece of work with his unashamedly electro album ‘If Were Not Talking’ that is sure to satisfy your electronica cravings for quite some time.  We have been listening to the album for about a week now and his tracks ‘I Won’t Envy’ and ‘Your Name’ get you all riled up when you play them at loud levels on your computer sound system.  You can also do this at work too – but Vivek’s penchant for saying the odd curse word or two might get you in trouble with your HR department.  Thankfully we sit all by our lonesome in EQ HQ so this isn’t a terrible problem for us.    

Vivek’s song ‘Chemistry’ was first debuted as a free download for all to hear a few months ago by blogger maximus Arjan Writes and we found ourselves entranced by it’s hard synthesized vibes every time it came up on our iPod.  We wondered what the rest of his album sounded like and soon after that we found a shiny new copy of ‘If Were Not Talking’ in our postbox.  In listening to the album, what we love most about it is that Vivek keeps it all electro without sounding too repetitive, which can sometimes happen with purely electro artists.  Each song is different, delectable and again – sounds good on when you blast it on high.

Although ‘Chemistry’ is definitely a highlight of the album, ‘I Won’t Envy’ will give you a taste of what you can expect should you want to take a chance on Vivek and buy his album or sample any of his other works.  Vivek has kindly offered up ‘I Won’t Envy’ to all readers of EQ so get your download fingers ready and enjoy this track as we head on into the summer season.  Take it from EQ, Vivek is an artist you should all be listening to, for have we ever been wrong in our recommendations? 

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