Swedish pop experimentalist Beatrice Eli bands together a clash of organically exposed sonic soundscape, bordered by her spiky rasp of impassioned vocals, and interlude of a dramatically charged power up of darkened dance beats, on “Violent Silence”.

Serving as further insight to Beatrice’s forthcoming “It’s Over” debut EP, “Violent Silence” lifts the veil to reveal an obscure, cutting and poignantly balanced surge of intense strengths that are greatly managed and brought to the fore by her dynamic range and razor-sharpened on point content, telling of the pain and scars an unrequited love etches into the psyche of a pursuant.

Intense, dynamic, dramatic “Violent Silence” is probably one the most animated and galvanised juxtaposition’s of silence in Swedish pop, yet on the same page it’s hugely riveting with Scandinavian glacial coolness.