Wowsa – Our boy Frankmusik suddenly has some competition in the way of tattoed and hairy-chested Ordinary Boy, Preston.

I have to say this is a brilliant solo effort.  Taking inspiration from the 80's cult classic vampire film "The Lost Boys", Preston aims to please our EQ ears.  And any electro-pop jamster who dares to give a nod to the Coreys that are Haim and Feldman, well they get my vote and my download allowance.

Preston recently commented on his new album that is in-the-works called "Whatever Forever" which is due later this year.
“I wanted to go into the studio like a mad professor, trying
everything, always experimenting,” explains Preston. “I guess that
could be seen as being really self-indulgent, but I'd never been able
to do before because of the confines of being in a band. Sometimes the
band were worried about doing something that would tread on the fans
toes, but I think it's actually nice to tread on the fans toes now and
again because it wakes them up. It gives them a reminder of what it
they saw in you in the first place, why you are different to everything
else that’s out there.”

Good on you Preston, dear boy.  We will await more tunage with anticipation and perked up ears.