I recently stumbled upon the incredibly talented London-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Jason Kwan, and I was immediately drawn to the lead and title track, from his upcoming debut EP “Deja Vu.” Jason’s masterful use of indie electro-pop with alluring lyrical content resonated deeply with me. Similarly, his music videos, which skillfully convey meaningful narratives through authentic visual storytelling, further intensified my admiration for his artistry. Today, I am excited to share an exclusive preview of the music video for his latest single, “Paradise,” directed by Darius Shu. This preview comes just before the highly anticipated release of the “Deja Vu” EP on Friday, June 7th.

We all have our own individualized notions of paradise. It might encompass the delight of lingering in bed for an additional hour, embarking on a journey to a picturesque island or scenic holiday destination, or savouring the tranquillity of solitary moments. However, for Jason Kwan, paradise holds a deeper significance. It revolves around finding moments to discover the beauty and joy amid the complexities of adversity and the quest for authentic living.

By the same token, the EP is comprised of compelling narratives, and emotive vocal tones evoking vivid memories of Jason’s 2am experiences growing up in Hong Kong. Yet moreover, the music beautifully captures the complex emotions of navigating love, grappling with sexuality. And furthermore, embarking on thrilling adventures while still in the closet.

Focusing on the track “Paradise“, Jason says: “Paradise is a song I wrote about yearning. That’s probably the most overwhelming emotion that drives the core of my songwriting and is my exploration into dream-pop, magical-realism, and fantasy.”

In the music video, a collaboration with cinematographer Darius Shu, Jason embodies a character reminiscent of “The Little Prince” from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry‘s renowned book. This deliberate choice is deeply meaningful, as the book holds a special place in Jason’s heart. (Being a book he grew up with). Similarly, the visual serves as a poignant reminder evoking the timeless Antoine de Saint-Exupéry fable that emphasizes the power of dreams and imagination to inspire hope and joy.

Jason says “As “The Little Prince” I search for a paradise which I feel I’ve lost, from growing up too fast. From leaving behind my innocence and naivety, and I try to reconnect with my unhindered imagination and dreams.”

Moreover, make sure to mark your calendar for the release of the “Deja Vu” EP on the 7th of June. This extraordinary piece of work is filled with enchanting melodies, deeply emotional lyrics, and powerfully emotive vocals. Fans of Cub Sport, Tsatsamis, and Ocean Tisdall will find the release especially captivating.

Also this summer, Jason will be playing his EP at Pride in London (Trafalgar Square), Brighton Pride, Manchester Pride, Birmingham Pride, and Canterbury Pride.

Pride Tour Dates:
May 3rd: Brasseri Zedel’s Acoustic Gig
May 24th: Birmingham Pride Mainstage
Jun 8th: Canterbury Pride Mainstage
Jun 29th: Pride in London Mainstage
26th Jul: Amsterdam Pride
Aug 3rd: Brighton Pride
Aug 24th: Manchester Pride
Sept 9th: Moongate Set at Omnibus Theatre

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