Some say that everyday is Halloween and EQ Music artist Daniel Robinson certainly is extending the creepy all the way into November with his brand new music video for “Not Your Boy”.

“Not Your Boy” displays Daniel breaking away from the shackles of a destructive person trying to hold him back who tried to lead him down an immoral road. Inspired by a toxic relationship, the song was written in his moment of clarity. Daniel says the “song is about finding my way out of the box I got myself into.” This self-empowerment is present within the lyrics as well as visually in his latest music video offering.

Daniel Robinson’s music video, directed by Mary Dietrich, explores the good-versus-evil theme visually and sonically. In sugar skull makeup, the life-enthusiast and pizza lover shows us that evil is always behind you and wanting to steal your thunder. Transforming the video to black and white, which illustrates that positive light radiance, can be lost to the darkness.

“Not Your Boy”
is taken from Daniel Robinson’s heartfelt and emotive electronic pop EP entitled “Guesswork” which is out now on iTunes. A special remix EP will be available for “Not Your Boy” in early January.

Daniel Robinson will also be playing his first London show on February 7th at EQ Live in London alongside Polly Scattergood and Parralox.