Dragonette have just blasted out to all us blogger beacons their new video to "Fixin To Thrill" and it's quite fun.

I love how the dad takes the daughter out of the video at 3 minutes.  Too much uber coolness for young impressionable minds I guess – but then again that pretty much sums up Dragonette.

I also love how Martina makes good use of her old cassette tapes and uses them as clothing – how very green of her.  One thing I can't stand though is nude body suits.  Even Madonna didn't look good in one in "4 Minutes".  I just don't get them.  Totally diggin on her new hairdo though – so butch!

I have one MAJOR complaint though.  Where the fuck is Dan?  (oh he's the daddy…) It's time Martina got out of the solo spotlight and let Dan (her looker of a husband) get some attention too.

Did you miss our interview with Dan Dragonette awhile ago?  Make sure you check it out!