Techno pop superstar Basshunter follows up his music video series with “Angel In The Night”. This time we see Basshunter as the new man after the lovely lady, who if you remember got dissed by her boyfriend in the last video to “All I Ever Wanted”. Poor thing – but lucky her to get pursued by the swedish sensation Basshunter who got over his fear for the camera (the pun) and actually has a prominent part in the video.

The remix package for the single is actually quite good too. If you don’t like the rock tip in the radio version, you’ll be happy to know that Soulseekerz and Ali Payami lend their hands to the mixes. Unfort, there wasn’t a Fonzerelli remix in the promo I received which is surprising! Oh well.

Basshunter has just recently announced his UK tour as well – check your local listings – should be a fun night out no doubt as I’m quite a fan of Basshunter’s brand of uplifting techno pop.