Vann Music 4

Astoundingly I actually forget that Ireland has it’s own charting system, and this being a thought that occurred to me recently – of course I shot right off on a mission to find out exactly what new talent the Irish are backing.

My destination the electronic charts of course, whereupon as luck might have it, right at the top of it a magnificent find of a strong emerging band Vann Music.

Born out of Dublin last year, Vann Music key into a New Wave foundation that goes on to combine elements of Pop, Rock, Dance and French House into their potent equation, which is all delivered through the recent release of their stunning debut EP “Electro Shock Dreams”.

The EP boasts 4 unadulteratedly massive gritty juggernauts of electro-head fuel born through influences spanning LCD Soundsystem and Talking Heads to Alan Braxe, DJ Falcon and Lifelike.

Indepth, “Electro Shock Dreams” impacts through substantial introductory single “Life In Real Time” – as robust as it sounds, strident and imposing with a definitive vision, it delivers a towering alternative electronic anthem that homes together the best bits of 80’s heavily influential New Wave bands and twists up with a kick of power pop magnitude.

The accent then descends upon an early Fenech-Soler stylising on track “Never Want To Be Alone”, infact, it wouldn’t seem out of place at all in my opinion, if it had of been courted for Fenech-Soler’s own debut album.

In a glimpse, a touch off-kilter to the rest of the EP, vocalist Aaron Smyth reaches in and pulls out his best Michael Hutchence, dirty, sexy tones on the rocktronically driven “Be My Balloon”.

Wherepon, there is no doubt as to where influences lie within the EP’s concluding insight, “Into The Night” definitely bares some channelling of Duran Duran which heads off into a soaring French House mammoth pop mix.

Electro Shock Dreams” is as strong a debut as I’ve heard from an emerging electronic act for some while, it’s primed with stellar production and has all the inference that Vann Music won’t just belong as a best kept secret of the Irish electronic music scene alone for too much longer. That is, before the rest of the electronic savvy electro-heads predominately in the UK and Europe catches up on discovering them.

Stream the single “Life In Real Time” below and gain audio insight on the remaining tracks via the clips on itunes and in doing so find Vann Music a creditable emerging new act to champion.