So this is where the last few weeks of build-up have been leading…

In contrast to the broody natured teaser track “Let Me Down Gently”, the press release promised that “Uptight Downtown” the lead single off of La Roux’s sophomore album “Trouble In Paradise” would be “equal parts epic sing-along, racing heartbeats and dance-party, a definite summer anthem”.

It is definitely coloured in much more sassy than the teaser, although I don’t know whether I’d be terming “Uptight Downtown” as a dance party.

The electronics take a side-step as a heavily featured chugging guitar riff takes over the dominant role as the support to Elly Jackson’s sinewy statuesque vocal tones commanding the topline melody.

Nevertheless the surging riffs, tempered bassline combined with the overall splash of retro happenings assure that “Uptight Downtown” is certainly one to grab the ear and at the very least set those toes a tapping.