Last night I made my way up to Islington Academy to check out Unklejam as it’s been awhile since I last saw them and I was a tad bit curious to see how those electro-soul songsters have been getting on since.  They were nothing short of fantastic to say the least.  What I love about Adonistar, Bobby and Tyson is that the boys got personality.  They are entertainers and in a day and age where most aspiring popstars just get up on stage and and be-bop around to their own tunes that no one really knows, Unklejam deliver – you can’t take your eyes off of them while they perform their funked-out, super-freak electro numbers so flawlessly and effortlessly.  They are a marvel to watch live.

Opening the show with a crazy guitar-laced intro to their hit ‘Love Ya’, you get a flavor for the ride you are about to be taken on – it’s an electrified sonic delight to hear them live.  One would think that the boys might save their second hit, ‘What Am I Fighting For?’ for a little later in the show, but they don’t.  The boys dive right into it after ‘Love Ya’ and every person in the room singing and dancing right along with them.


"Bobby Unklejam:  So we were at London Fashion week last night and this model comes up to us and says ‘dahling, were have you been?’  And I replied…YOU don’t want to know…"  Saucy.

The best performance of the night was ‘Touch’ – the synths on this number were outstanding but when the boys mash it up with an electrified cover of ‘Seven Nation Army’ the crowd went fucking ballistic.  It seems every band feels the need to cover ‘Sexyback’ these days in their live shows, but Unklejam dig out an alternative anthem to show the crowd that they are just that ‘little bit different’ from everyone else.  ‘Don’t Pass Me By’ was incredible as well and their new single ‘Stereo’ – a fab number that got everyone singing – make sure you buy a copy of the new single when it hits the usual physical and digital outlets.

At the end of the set the boys did ‘Just Like Me’ which really showcases their vocal talent and it’s a standout track that we can’t to hear again when their debut album drops next month.  All-in-all a great night out with the Unklejam boys.  We hear they are also headlining ‘Electro Go Go’  in London on 4th October with the indie electro-pop songsters Huski and well, we may just be tempted to go see them again – they were that good.

It’s really incredible to watch Unklejam get bigger and bigger – the Islington Academy was packed to the rafters last night.  If you like a little soul spread on your electro crackers – a little Unklejam will make you eat the whole damn box.