Every now and then a song comes along with either a chorus or a dance breakdown (sometimes both) that is so ferocious, so deliciously aggressive, and so sonically commanding that it jumps through your headphones and kicks your ass, making you get up and dance. Touch the Sky by Andalo is one of those songs. It’s absolutely incredible. Now I know that I’ve said many times that I’m not a fan of EDM but this song just brings me to my knees with how good it is. If ever there was a song bred to be a summer anthem, here it is.

What brings this song to the next level and really elevates it above so many other EDM songs is the absolute power-house vocals from St. James, which breathe a healthy dose of soul into this rave-ready banger. It’s not often you find someone with the vocal ability to match the intensity of a hard EDM breakdown, but St. James’ vocals deliver the one-two punch that balances out the song. Then we get to the breakdown itself, which is simply out of this world and puts other EDM DJs to shame.

The music video is as rave filled as you would imagine, which really does go hand in hand with the track and adds a nice flair with all of the half naked people running around in it. It doesn’t rely on any over the top production and provides a simple, fun visual to an already breathtaking song.

Andalo also recently released another EDM jam, Firestarter, which features the sultry vocals of Blaise, who sounds like a bit like Rihanna in the most wonderful ways. You won’t want to miss out on this two dance floor ready tracks. Check out the stream and video for Touch the Sky and stream Firestarter below: