Happy Monday EQ readers – As EQ was feeling a little overly male-dominated as of late, we decided that we wanted to spotlight some of our favourite Uberwomen today.  We are very excited for all these fine ladies and they all have some very cool projects going on at the moment that we wanted to let you all know about.


Antigone was recently spotlighted by cool fashion blog The Style Scout and above is one of the lovely photos from the shoot.  Isn’t she lovely?  Antigone is planning on a digital release of ‘Funky Dancers’ on 1 April (yes April Fool’s Day) and will be returning back to London after her opening night shows in Australia for Darren Hayes.  Stay tuned for more in-depth Antigone coverage in the future.


Big news for Imogen Heap – she has confirmed that she is in fact working on her third album now after all the excitement of being nominated for a Grammy and re-releasing and performing the songs from her first album ‘iMegaphone’.  We love Imogen’s website and you can get a 360 degree glance at her home studio by having a little play on her site.  We haven’t reported much on Imogen when she rose to fame as it was heavily covered by other music blogs, but we promise to bring you all the Imogen Heap news as her new album comes closer to fruition. 


We are absolutley in love with Tracey Thorn’s new album ‘Out Of The Woods’ and have been listening to it non-stop since we got it about a week ago.  Although lead-off single ‘It’s All True’ is very good, we can’t get enough of the song ‘Grand Canyon’.  We are labeling this song as ‘Missing Part II’ and the excellent blog The Midnight Lounge as called it a "stellar mashup of ‘Five Fathoms’, ‘Lullaby of Clubland’ and ‘The Future of the Future’".

Every song on this album is very intimate and soothingly electronic all at the same time.  Tracey’s calming voice has always been a firm favourite with Electroqueer and we highly recommend you get your hot little mitts on this fantastic album as soon as you can.  We have been patiently awaiting the return of Everything But The Girl for quite some time now and although Tracey is quite happy doing her solo stuff at the moment, this project is satisfying our EBTG hunger just perfectly. 

Listen to some of the tracks on Tracey Thorn’s MySpace.

Now, if only we could get Siobhan Donaghy to stop DJ’ing and start performing her new material from her new album on stage (or even TV), that would make us a happy little Electroqueer.