Afternoon EQs – the EQ fold of uber cool (yeah we said uber three times already) musicians have been very busy with their musical master plans lately, so we thought we’d give you an update on what’s been going on in their universes at the moment!

Antigone:  Well she’s a veteran of ye old Soho Revue Bar now and has been knocking em dead opening up for Darren Hayes.  Rumour has it that her album is almost done and should be in our hands around July. ‘More Man Than Man’ has busted it’s way onto the EQ chart and hopefully it should be available for download soon!

Client: Those feisty 6am girls have been so busy touring, we’re surprised they haven’t keeled over from REAL exhaustion yet.  Most recently they did a gig with Sophie Ellis-Bextor in London that went down a storm and ‘Heartland’ has been enjoying it’s 2nd week of UK release. 

Dangerous Muse:  Mikey was seen on the cover of a magazine ala Madonna’s Vogue recently and the boys are keeping quite secret on what’s been going since thier last free gig at the Hiro Ballroom in New York City.  Their Myspazz simply suggests…"In the studio".  They must be cooking up something good.

Darren Hayes:  Our fave electro god has recently released his second animated video for ‘Step Into The Light’ and it’s way brill.  He’s recently announced his US mini tour and it’s been confirmed that Temposhark (a band we really likes) will be opening for him.  Darren will also be shooting the video for ‘On The Verge of Something Wonderful’ very soon in preparation for the single release.

Dragonette: They’ve just finished their second video for ‘Take It Like A Man’ (which also stars a certain EQ fold member as well!) and are off back to the states for some touring.  They are very excited to return to their homeland as illustrated by this WAY funny video gig flyer.

Siobhan Donaghy:  She’s doing the odd gig here and there in preparation for the release of her second solo album.  Our blog hero, Arjan Writes has just done an interview with her which will be posted soon here.  Let’s see how her second single ‘So You Say’ does…

Switch22:  SDB seems to be everywhere these days…his face has been popping up in all sorts of advertisements lately and the boyz are working on stuff with Justin Hawkins of The Darkness and those mighty remix masters The Soulseekerz.  Issue 3 of the Switch22 comic feature will be out soon too EQs!

The Electric Dolls:  Our fair ladies of electro are gearing up for another hot Popshow on 30th May and we hear they might even be debuting a duet with Switch22.  The Dolls are also planning a fun photoshoot pretty soon with Madison that we hopes to get the skinny on (and some fun candid shots).

Imogen Heap: She’s been on a songwriting expedition to Asia and is no doubt gathering up all sorts of inspiration for her 3rd album.  DJ Tiesto also has created a HOT dance version of Immi’s ‘Hide & Seek’ which you can watch live here.  Imogen has been doing a great blog on Myspazz which gives us a real insight into how her songwriting expedition has been going!

Madison:  He’s just debuted his new song ‘Club’ today which is another dance anthem to keep us busily moving on the dancefloor.  Madison has just completed a Madonna-themed fringe theatre acting gig as well and is working hard on keeping us updated on his new website.

Robyn:  Our fave Swedish lady returns to London for a gig at Dingwalls in June and we couldn’t be more excited.  Stay tuned for more Robyn goodies and until then -go buy your copy of ‘Robyn’ now.

Simon Curtis:  He’s looking for a new manager, but that hasn’t stopped him from pulling out all the stops in getting ‘Alter Boy’ released.  Simon says it should be on iTunes very shortly and if you know of any good music managers – get in touch.  Simon has a sure-fire hit album on his hands and  ‘Pop Messiah’ is climbing the EQ Chart as we speak!

Tracey Thorn:  Blogger XO London has some great news regarding Tracey’s second single ‘Raise The Roof’ and confirms that ‘Grand Canyon’ will be the third single.  Would be fabulous if Tracey did some gigs and we’ll keep you posted on any pertinent info regarding that should it arise.  Go and buy ‘Out Of The Woods’ now.

Young Love:  He’s still all over America at the moment and enjoying doing live gigs here and there.  No world yet if ‘Too Young Too Fight It’ will get a UK release but we hopes it will.  ‘Find A New Way’ continues to excite with every listen. 

Coming soon:  The Naked Highway Interview and Nelson Clemente gives us the very personal story behind this week’s EQ Chart Number One!  Stay tuned EQs!