Kool Thing Photo: Emma Haugh On first glance it struck me that it might be seen as being a little presumptuous in naming yourself Kool Thing, it really plays into the high expectations of yourself to any audience, be it your regular fan base or the casual and curious listener. The proof is in the pudding as they say, so we should get down to the business of combing through the Berlin based Irish/Australian synth duo’s debut single “TV Tower”. Setting pace as first minimally austere and giving way to layered textures of broodily darkened and abstract new wave, “TV Tower” overlaps into retro driving reminders of 80’s pioneered slick electronica, turned as much in the same vein as the innovative early works of bands like New Order and Joy Division. By equal measure this debut offering is a fine example of a well crafted dark exploration into the moodily atmospheric ghostly electronica which will appeal to the goth-wave experimental explosion of listeners to similar current new acts like Trust and Grimes.