Musique Le Pop

You best be ready to fall smitten to some shiny synth pop EQ’s, since this is inevitably what is going to happen once you’ve had a listen to this pretty synth laden marvel from Norwegian electro pop trio Musique Le Pop.

The collaborative strengths of Chris, Betty and Jon’s former backgrounds in saccharine sprinkled melody making, indie and dance music, combine to offer a victoriously charming alchemy all lending to create simply the purest definition of whimsically dreamy synth pop.

There is nothing but unadulterated pleasure oozing out of every note, every bar, every chord of their stunning new track “Turn To Sand”, which in want of arriving at an appropriate comparison, that of cherished British synth pop entertainers Saint Etienne seems suitably close.

Believe me, “Turn To Sand” is simply irresistibly majestic, it is infact, to my mind one of the 4 minute wonders of the synth pop world that you’d be wise not to miss out on.