Good morning EQs – We’ve been enjoying this week off from our regular job and takin it easy for a much needed break to catch up on life.  It’s been lovely jubley.  It’s amazing how you re-discover your city when you actually can do things during the day like having a picnic in Regent’s Park, going to the London Zoo, visiting Battersea Dogs and Cats home to adopt a cute pussy, catching up on Battlestar Galactica and Queer As Folk and stopping to smell the flowers whilst taking some photos.  It’s been an amazingly chilled week so let’s rant!

  1. We have a shiny new majestic column over at The Hot Stuff Files!  Check out our follow-up feature on Ultra Nate and another fun blurb about Madison.
  2. And speaking of Madison, we hear he is collaborating with Stephan D. Leuenberger on a few new tracks!  An EQ collaboration – how fabulous!
  3. Simon Curtis has plans to independently release ‘Alter Boy’ in Europe and Japan!  How exciting – you can almost taste the excitement.
  4. Everyone is raving about the new Hilary Duff album, ‘Dignity’.  We don’t really want to like Hilary Duff because she is well…Hilary Duff.  But we once had the same opinion about Lindsey Lohan, so maybe we’ll give it a try. 
  5. Darren Hayes just announced another UK and Australian tour in October – yay!  If you haven’t been to one his shows, you’re really missin out.  He’s also workin on some fun re-inventions for his Club Delicacy showcase shows next week!  We can’t wait.
  6. OMG – The new Naked Highway song ‘Pop It, Drop It’ is a fucking electro dream!  You must listen to it now over on their MySpace page.  The more and more we listen to Naked Highway, we just love them.  We might have to tie sexy Sy up in a chair and interview him for EQ.  Anyone one to help?!
  7. Dragonette will be opening up for the Sugababes at Wembley this week – if anyone is going to the show, let us know how it went?  Hint Hint Jay.
  8. We are liking the new song by the Dragons called ‘Here Are The Roses’ – check them out here.  We’ll be watching them closely and so should you!
  9. Adverts of Siobhan Donaghy are popping up all over the London Underground as ‘Don’t Give It Up’ is released on Monday here in the UK.  Make sure you pick up your copy – we can’t wait to see her live at Popjustice next week as well!
  10. And finally, we didn’t get to New York for Dangerous Muse’s show at the Hiro Ballroom this week, so instead here is a live performance of ‘The Rejection’ for you – isn’t Mikey Furey just an electro dreamboat?