Newly loved up in the froth of blogosphere buzz are the electronic duo of Kaleida.

The London based pair of Christina Wood and Cicely Goulder struck an appraised chord of recognition with the unleashing of their initial debut track “Think” last month. I was one of those that were curious of some of the elements within it, overall though I felt there was something not quite on point with the complete alchemy.

My opinion has now been swayed though by another introductory glimpse from the duo’s forthcoming “Think” EP debut by the revealing of a new cut entitled “Tropea”.

In difference to “Think” which traversed a minimalistically alternative approach, “Tropea” is littered with an underlying bubbling synth presence and directed by a glacially esoteric hybrid pop attitude, that makes one think of Kaleida as treading a relatable timeline to that of Say Lou Lou with a vocal air of Dido.

A FREE DOWNLOAD of “Tropea” is available from Soundcloud.